I am a woman - the collection

Thank you for taking the time to ready my first ever blog-post!
I'm not much of a writer, but I felt the story behind this collection was too meaningful not to tell. 


How it started

"Why is this collection so important to you?" You may ask. 
It actually started with me feeling different than other kids, more sensitive, more emotional. At the age of 26 I discovered I am a HSP (high sensitive person), which explained a lot... Ever since I found out, I learnt to live my life keeping this in mind and it makes me life so much easier. Even though I am doing fine now, it did have a huge impact on my self-esteem and how I felt about myself.

But this is not the reason for creating this collection. 
Some of you might know, but before Jules art lab I worked as a high school science teacher. I met a lot of young girls/ teens with low self-esteem, a lot of self-doubt, girls feeling different because of their looks or their way of thinking... As a HSP I am very aware when someone feels uncomfortable and believe me, in high school a great deal of teens don't feel good about themselves, especially girls. 

Realizing everyone's dealing with their own problems and struggles made me think about what I could do to make even the tiniest impact.
That's how many ideas for this collection past my mind and I eventually created this one. 
To me it's important that every woman feels heard and seen. Because there's so much (female) potential not being used to the fullest and it's just a shame. So if this collection, even just by looking at a picture of it can influence even one person in a positive way, I feel like I did something right.


Names with a special meaning

The entire purpose of this collection to make women feel empowered. Choosing the right names for the characters in this collection was pretty crucial to me. 
On Instagram I asked for my followers opinions and suggestions to come up with amazing names for these women. Of course we decided on names with meaning, so here they are.

- Sade: crown (African)

- Hibo: gift (Somali and East African)

- Seiko: a force to reckon with or the power of truth (Japanese)

- Esma: beloved or esteemed (Spanish)

- Avery: wise (French)

- Mila: industrious or hardworking (Russian)

- Nora: shining light (Greek)

- Zahra: flower (Arabic)


How can you help make an impact?

The easiest and cheapest way is just to share this collection with anyone who want to listen. You never know how a few nice and empowering words impact someone else's day.

Wanna do more? Buy a gift from the collection for someone you might think could benefit from these uplifting words and quotes. Or just buy it for yourself! Because you are important too!


Thank you for making it to the end and I hope you enjoyed reading the reasoning behind this collection.


Lots of love




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